The Firm

The Pacific Development Law Group is comprised of attorneys who have lived and worked in the Pacific for more than 35 years combined and who bring a wealth of legal and practical experience to doing business in the Pacific. The firm’s handles a broad base of private businesses, including real estate, land matters, corporate structuring, foreign investment, infrastructure and litigation. The firm brings to all of its clients a deep understanding of the Pacific’s unique environment, government and legal policies. The Pacific Development Law Group’s lawyers are based in the Republic of Palau and provide the best, customized solutions to their clients worldwide, including throughout Asia (Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, China/Hong Kong), Europe, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.  The firm prides itself on its extraordinary ability to handle complex legal matters and cross-cultural issues, with the assistance, when needed, of investigators and translators.

The Mission

The firm’s mission is to identify individuals, corporations, non-profit organizations, or other entities that share its interest in the sustainable, high-end development of the Pacific islands. The firm provides its selected clients with the highest quality, full-service professional business and legal advice.